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    Lovegra Tablets


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    It is one of the leading generic medications for women. Sometimes, due to the hormonal changes the women may experience various problems in the intimate processes. This may result in the lack of healthy intimate relationships. It happens mostly when the women reaches the age group of 40 and above. The pills are meant to help the women in getting rid of the sexual dysfunction and also enhance the urge of sex with their partners. The arousal becomes crucial when the tablets are taken by the women. There’s no time to escape the situation now, so gather up courage and make a purchase decision for the best quality products and affordability. The tablet becomes effective within 30 minutes and can last for about five to six hours.

    Working of the tablets

    It is a chewable tablet which consists of an active ingredient called sildenafil citrate which is used in almost all the tablets traditionally and has been approved as well. The effective time for it to last is around five to six hours. The tablet is meant to increase the natural lubrication which is furthermore meant to increase the sexual pleasure during the intercourse. It is believed to increase the level of satisfaction during the intercourse. It is advised to take the medication keeping in mind all the guidelines and conditions noticed.


    Some of the things which have to be kept in mind before the intake of the medicine are as follows-

    • It is advisable not to use alcohol during the medication as it is said to reduce the effectiveness of the intimacy process.
    • The patients should not take the tablet with some other drugs.
    • The tablet should only be taken when the sexual activity is well planned.
    • Large fatty meals should be avoided in order to make the medication work.
    • The recommended dosage for the patient will be 100mg usually within the time period of 24 hours.
    • More than one pill should be avoided within the time duration of 24 hours.
    • Women who are pregnant or on breast feeding should not take this tablet.
    • The tablet should not be taken with nitrates as it may lead to complications.
    • People suffering from low or high blood pressure should not take the tablet without the consultancy of the doctor.
    • The medication should be avoided if the customers have sickle cell disease, bone cancer or diseases like anemia.
    • The girls under the age group of 18 should not take this medicine.

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    Why Lovegra Tablets?

    – The tablets are designed for the women who wants some pleasure in their intimacy process.
    – Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the women to lubricate, the tablets are designed to help them in lubrication.
    – The sexual arousal is developed with the help of this tablet in females.